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Picture Album of 2011 Row

This Album is a Photographic Record of Alzheimer's sufferer Jamie Graham's return to school, reliving those days in the 1960s when he took part in the Procession of Boats at Eton College.

Thanks to everybody’s overwhelming generosity in 2010, we helped fund the first year of Dr Magdalena Sastre’s four-year project at Imperial College London. Jamie intends to support this research, since it links exercise to the production of the protein, PGC1a, which protects the brain from the development of amyloid deposits, the key components of Alzheimer’s.

Following the rowing success the year before, Jamie and his Crew decided to row back down river, from Henley to Eton, on Wednesday, June 1st 2011. It would be wonderful if for a second year running we could raise some serious money for Dr Sastre's research and also the awareness of many more people to this horrible, debilitating and demoralizing disease.

In addition to a regular exercise regime, Jamie is also trialling a drug aimed at breaking up amyloid deposits. Jamie can still ride his bike, play tennis and his guitar and there is no doubt that exercise is helping maintain his level of cognizance.

Surprisingly, Alzheimer’s affects many of us long before we reach 60 and it is possible that interaction between genes and lifestyle factors can start in a person as young as 30! Time is of the essence and Dr Sastre’s project is vital research which could lead to an important breakthrough.

Help fund a four year research project led by Dr Magdalena Sastre at Imperial College London, looking at the link between physical activity and dementia, by donating to Alzheimer's Research UK.


Cox and Webmaster Martin Fitzgerald has created a Picture Album of Forget-Me-Not Row 2011 as a permanent record of Jamie's achievement, fundraising for Alzheimer's Research UK, memories for all who helped with, participated in and donated to the row.

The Photographers: wives Vicki Graham and Sarah Fitzgerald, friends Lavinia Gordon, Andrew and Christian Dewar Durie, rower Joanna Rogers, who produced the documentary Forget Me Not for Ascendent Films of Jamie's struggle with Early-onset Alzheimer's.