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Crew Photograph: my brother Colin Graham, son Magnus Graham and nephew Fergus Graham, Jonathan Baines, Christopher Daws, coxes Martin Fitzgerald and David FitzHerbert, Andrew Gordon, James Hepburne-Scott, Alexander Lindsay, Rory Mann, Hugh Matheson, Peregrine Moncreiffe, Tony Pooley, Jo Rogers, Mike Tebay.

Former Olympic rower Col Alexander Lindsay, 74, who lives nearby Jamie in Cirencester and competed in the 1960 Olympic Games in Rome, says: “Jamie is a remarkable man and I greatly admire his continuing efforts to raise desperately needed money for Alzheimer’s Research UK. I’m keen to do everything I can to support him and proud to be part of this year’s Forget-Me-Not-Row.”

Hugh Matheson, who rowed in the Olympics in 1972, 1976 and 1980, remarks: “Jamie and I have been friends since our school days and I admire his willpower and determination. I rowed with Jamie last year and I’m delighted to be on board again to help defeat dementia.”

When the dust had settled on last year's row, the team reflected on Jamie's amazing achievement. There were no superlatives left that could express what Jamie had done. Andrew Gordon summed it up admirably: "It was all great fun, solid bonding, and we will not forget.

"I hope we might do it again next year on the Fourth of June, and end up in the procession of boats at Eton in the afternoon. I suppose it is up to Jamie, if he can stay fit enough. Meantime, some more money to come in, I hope."

Jamie's Crew at Rafts Boathouse, Windsor

The Team has been greatly encouraged by the tremendous response to the Forget-Me-Not Row. All proceeds that are received by Alzheimer’s Research UK, the foremost dementia research charity in the UK, go towards Dr Magdalena Sastre's pioneering work at Imperial College London.

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